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3 Reasons Why Tenerife is Perfect For Young Travellers

Tenerife is the perfect holiday for young people with things to do at all times. If you want to feel the heat this summer Tenerife should be your first choice for a sunny holiday this year. Here are three reasons why tenerife is perfect for young travellers straight from your local Tenerife holiday specialist,


Things to do Day and Night

Las Veronicas

There are many fun activities you can do in tenerife such as visiting the many Water Parks (Siam Park, Aqualand, etc) and Zoos (Loro Parque, Monkey Park, etc), many of which can be booked at Offices which are situated all around the Island. But after your day is spent enjoying all the attractions you can go out to the many bars and nightclubs that do not close till the early morning who have many promotions and events throughtout the week.


Beautiful Weather


Depending on your visit the climate in tenerife can vary but you can always count on it being very warm with the heat rising almost to 40 degrees in the summer months. The northern part of Tenerife is classed as the greener part where temperatures are slightly lower than in the southern part as skies are more often cloudy. But the southern part of Tenerife is drier and sunnier than the northern part making it the most popular. This makes Tenerife perfect for those wanting to get away from the rain and enjoy the sun on the beaches.


Getting Around is Easy

There are many ways of travelling around the Island with buses probably being the most cheapest and popular with young people as many attractions offer free transportation from hotels around the island. But if you did want to book a car for a day or week to explore the island it is quick and easy with the help of offices who offer a wide range of rental cars at very fair prices.


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