Fiery Beginnings in Tenerife


Here at Tenerife.com we feel privileged to be part of an island with so much character, geological diversity and history – it all adds up to a pretty fascinating place.

Yes, most people come here to enjoy the cracking beaches and wonderful year-round climate on offer. After all, as sun-filled holidays go, Tenerife is a huge hit. After all, we’ve got lively coastal towns like Playa de las Americas which are all about fun in the sun, with its own golden-sanded beach and stacks of things to see and do. Or there’s the lovely town of Puerto de la Cruz way up on the north coast, which is close to the fantastic capital of Santa Cruz and offers a more laid-back ambience with an authentic Canarian flair.

But away from the main tourist trails, look a little closer and you’ll find layer upon layer of ancient history, fascinating geological discoveries and a deep-rooted connection with fiery volcanoes, one of Mother Nature’s most incredible and awe-inspiring forces. You’ll find an interesting history of Tenerife on Wikipedia which, among other events, explains how the island was born out of fiery beginnings.

12 million years ago, the oldest mountain ranges in Tenerife were pushed up from the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean by volcanic activity, which created the early beginnings of the island we know and love today. According to Wikipedia, the form of the island today was in fact created around 3 million years ago, when three separate land masses were fused together due to fiery volcanic eruptions from Mt Teide. This vast dormant volcano, the tallest peak in Spain, has a crater which spans up to 11 miles, and can be seen from most points all over the island.

Tenerife is a wonderful holiday destination, with so much to see and do. Whether you plan to stay in the lively southern area, soak up the rugged beauty of the west coast, or enjoy the relaxed vibe of the northern shore, you’ll find tons of Tenerife hotels online right here via yours truly.

Why not pick out a favourite, and come and find out more about this most beautiful and awe-inspiring of holiday destinations?

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