Eternal Spring in Tenerife


Tenerife has been described as the Island of Eternal Spring. And here at Tenerife.com we couldn’t agree more!

While winter keeps many parts of Europe locked in a series of icy winds, rain, hail and snowstorms, here in Tenerife we regularly enjoy warm, sunny days that hover around the mid teens, often reaching 20°C or 21°C. It’s because Tenerife, part of the Canary Islands, lies on a latitude of the Sahara Desert and enjoys mild winters and wonderfully warm summers.

And given its characteristic trade winds, the summers generally hover around 26°C – 28°C, which is perfect for a few days topping up your tan interspersed with days out or fun activities.

Even in the peak of summer, although some days can be positively scorching, you can still expect welcome coastal breezes which help you feel refreshed – and of course with the cool Atlantic lapping those beautiful beaches, there is plenty of opportunity to cool off should that Saharan sunshine become a little too much.

Nobody wants to feel too hot – let’s face it, when it’s positively scorchio out there, you’re fit for nothing. But Tenerife’s comfortable climate means that, when you’ve had enough of lazing about on a sunbed, more often than not you can still head off and explore the island and take part in some of the wonderful activities on offer. Take a look at http://en.tenerife.com/ for some ideas of what you can do.

Sound too good to be true? You can check the Tenerife weather for yourself here – we’re pretty sure you’ll be suitably impressed!

Of course, remember that although those trade winds take the edge off the heat, that strong sunshine is still blazing overhead. So always dress sensibly, wear a hat, use an appropriate factor of sun cream, and stay hydrated – carry plenty of water with you.

If you’re not much of a sun-bather, you may prefer to visit outside of the peak summer season. Why not come in April, or October or November, to experience a quieter ambience with warm pleasant days? You’ll have plenty of opportunity to get out and about – perhaps you could hire a car and head off to explore Teide National Park, or drive along the west coast to take in some of the island’s most beautiful scenery.

So, when will you come and visit the Island of Eternal Spring?

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