3 Ways to Travel Around Tenerife


Tenerife may not be a big island but it still attracts almost 2 million tourists per year so the transport network of the Island needs to be suitable to accommodate this many tourists. Here are 3 Ways to travel around the island if you are visiting Tenerife.


Cars & Taxis


Cars are the main transport around the Island and Taxis can be found at every corner of all main tourist resorts across the Island. There are also many car rental offices such as Canaris.com who specialise in car rentals with a wide range on offer including luxury cars.


Bikes & Scooters


This is a very popular mode of transport on the island especially near the beaches as they are not that expensive to rent. They are not that fast but eliminate the stress of walking everywhere you need to go in close proximatey. Many can be booked through booking offices on the beach but you can also rent them from Canaris.com offices who will organise for them to be delivered and collected at the hotel of your stay.



The Islands bus network is very useful and best of all the cheapest. Almost anywhere you want to go on the Island it is possible through taking the bus. You can also buy Bono Cards with 15 or 20 euro credit on them at any bus stop office which allows you to scan that card as payment instead of counting change on the bus everytime. There is also free bus transportation to many of the different attractions such as Siam Park who send a bus every half an hour to all the main tourists resorts on the Island.

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